Learn About the Excitement of AsianTown

Asian Town brings together the rich cultures of China, Korea, Japan and others into one exciting destination, filled with unique experiences waiting for you to explore. Enjoy the music, food, color and sensual pleasures of all of Asia, all waiting for you as you pass through the ornately decorated Dragon’s Gate.

From the amazing artistry of fine jewelry, clothing, ceramics, and artwork – to the awesome rush of the newest high-tech toys of every description. Only in Asian Town can you leap across five thousand miles and five thousand years to discover the most authentic and exciting experiences imaginable, from the very ancient to the very latest.


Enrich you taste, enjoy delicious Food from Asia!

While enjoying the wonderful streets of Jacksonville, Florida do not forget to stop by their Asiantown Jax. Taste some exotic foods from all over the world. Made freshly made herbs and teas, and of course with a traditional style only Asia could offer. Experience and learned about Asiantown Jax cuisine culture, we’re sure you’ll return.


Discover Wonders only Asia Offers!

Shopping is another one of the large parts of Asiantown Jax. There are so many shops, and so little time to visit them all. Visit the shops to get the ingredients for your own Dim Sum, and ensure that you stop by the herb stores to pick up remedies for the things you wish to cure at home. Not only are these shops available, but other shops with gifts and items that can be purchased are nestled right next to them. This allows you to have only the best shopping experience when visiting Jacksonville Asiantown.

Events and Culture

Food, Fun, and Fireworks and Festivals!

At Jacksonville Asiantown there will be a number of cultural activities that occur throughout the yearthat residents partake in. We invite guests who come for a visit to enjoy the activities with them as well. Whether your playing fun games like mahjong, watching a historical play reenactment, or enjoying some blissful music while dancing joyfully.

Asiantown Jacksonville will have fun for all ages. It does not matter if you’re going with the family, or out for some fun alone, there is something for everyone. We’ll always try to provide residents and tourists with something new, and old to their culture.


North Florida’s, Cultural hub!

Jacksonville, Florida


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AsianTown Jacksonville, bringing traditional China to Jacksonville