The Asian Town Experience

Discover The Excitement Of Asian Town

Asian Town brings together the rich cultures of China, Korea, Japan, India and twenty others into one exciting destination, filled with unique experiences waiting for you to explore. Enjoy the music, food, color and sensory pleasures of all of Asia, all waiting for you to explore as you pass through the ornately decorated Dragon’s Gate.

From the amazing artistry of fine jewelry, clothing, ceramics, and artwork – to the awesome rush of the newest high-tech toys of every description. Only in Asian Town can you look across five thousand miles of ocean and five thousand years of cultural history to discover the most authentic and exciting experiences imaginable, from the very ancient to the very latest.


Indulge Yourself In The Delicious Flavors Of Asia!

Imagine exploring the streets of a bustling Asian market, with the rich aromas of exotic dishes tempting your palate with every step. Now find this garden of culinary delights right here in Jacksonville. Enjoy freshly prepared traditional foods from all over Asia, from Japanese sushi to Mongolian barbeque, Cantonese dim sum to Indian curry. This is your personal invitation to join this most magnificent feast of Oriental cuisine.


Experience The Wondrous Gifts of Asia!

So many shops, so little time.What is the curious World traveler to do? Visit Asian Town of course! Only at Asian Town can you find the beautiful silken treasures, the fascinating gifts and the bounteous harvest of teas, herbs and spices all together under one roof.

From centuries-old traditions of artisanship, to soothing relaxation, to festive music and dress from half a world away, all of these can be found in your first shopping expedition to Asian Town.

Your treasure awaits, come and find it!


Food, Fun, Fireworks and Festivals!

Asian Town is so much more than a fantastic shopping and dining experience. The Asian communities in Jacksonville encompass the full rich array of cultures from the eastern world. Asian Town is the center of these diverse communities, celebrating the languages, customs and celebrations that make each culture unique, and those that bring us all together as one.

As the cultural heart of the Asian community, Asian Town is the home for the art, music and festivals that enrich our lives throughout the year, every year. Here is where you will find music, theatre, dancers, acrobats, parades, giant paper dragons and of course everyone’s favorite, the fireworks!

Come celebrate the world of holidays with us at Asian Town Jacksonville!